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Download Bluestacks for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC/Laptop

In this tutorial, we will let you know how to Download Bluestacks for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC/Laptop.

Bluestacks is the most popular and the best android emulator out of all the available emulators on the internet. Due to its easy to use and manage interface it got enormous following. If you want to play your favourite android games like subway surfers, temple run or candy crush or if you want to run any cool and trending android apps like Prisma, Whatsapp, Line, Hike messenger or Kik messenger in your laptop – Then you can easily download Bluestacks in your windows laptop and use.

It’s very easy to download and install BlueStacks in Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC/Laptop. It will be just like any other software installation. But application interface is somewhat different and you’ll feel a bit difficulty at initial stage or for the first time. In this post I will explain clearly from downloading it to installing and using it in a step by step manner with relevant screenshots.

Download BlueStacks for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC/Laptop

Prior to installation, I would like to give a brief note on two things.

  1. Why BlueStacks is preferred over all the remaining android emulators?
  2. What are the Prerequisites for installing BlueStacks Application?

Why BlueStacks is preferred?

Emulators allows us to run android applications in our desktop PC. So without buying an android we can get the feature of using android applications. This would be more helpful if you are developing a product and for testing purpose.Over all the available android emulators, BlueStacks is extensively used by the millions of people seamlessly.

  1. Easy to use interface – Bluestacks is widely used because of its easy to use interface.
  2. Free emulator – unlike some android emulators charges you after certain period of time, Bluestacks is absolutely free.
  3. BlueStacks coordinates Microphone and Camera well to give better experience with VoIP android apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc.
  4. BlueStacks integrates PC and iMac and using graphic card, it gives enriched gaming experience. It allows us to do multi-tasking and can easily switch between applications.
  5. Another advantage with BlueStacks is it doesn’t requires any virtual box to be installed in our system. We can directly install BlueStacks Application just like what we do to install any other software.

System Requirements to use BlueStacks for Windows?

BlueStacks is a bit heavy weight application so it requires some minimum hardware requires. Otherwise we’ll end up with getting some errors while installing. Below are some basic requirement you need to have before Downloading Bluestacks for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC.

  1. RAM of 2GB is the basic requirement. However 4GB RAM is preferred to run any applications seamlessly or without getting struck.
  2. Hard disk space of 4 GB at least is to be allocated.
  3. BlueStacks doesn’t compatible with BitDefender anti-virus software. So if you are using BitDefender then you can’t use BlueStacks. The same is quoted on official BlueStacks page.
  4. You need have installed latest version of the graphic card in your system to install Bluestacks.

Till now we get to know about the pre-requisites before going through the actual installation of BlueStacks.

Download BlueStacks for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC/Laptop :

There are two ways to Download Bluestacks for Windows. One is offline installation and the counterpart is online installation. We’ll let you know both the modes of installation in this post.

Online installation requires uninterrupted internet access while installing where as in offline installation we can download the exe file and can install whenever we want.

Below are the download links for both online and offline Bluestacks exe files :

    Download BlueStacks Online Version for Free

    Download BlueStacks Offline Version for Free

Latest version of Bluestacks is BlueStacks2. We will keep updating the download file whenever new version comes. Otherwise you can directly download the files from the official BlueStacks website :

There is a marvelous collection of applications available on the bluestacks website itself. It is also embedding new features like BlueStacks live streaming TV, Top downloaded applications, editors choice apps, Most popular apps etc. There are many categories too like casual apps, gaming apps, chatting apps etc which made us less strain to get those application from anywhere in the internet.

BlueStacks Offline Version Installation :

After done with Download Bluestacks on your laptop, then its really simple to install the application.

  • The exe file size will be around 310 MB. Locate the downloaded exe on the file system. Move it to your list of softwares folder if you want.
  • Double click on the exe file to start the installation procedure. Or else select the file -> right click on it and run as an administrator. You can able to see the below window. Select Run option.


  • After selecting Run option, you should be able to see a progress bar as below which extracts and loads bluestack files.


  • Next step is to just click on the next button and select where you want to install the application. Default location will be under C:\ ProgramData. We can change the path or can keep the same path. After choosing the path click on the next button.


  • In the next step, you’ll get two options with check boxes. BlueStacks works well if you enable both the options. And Click on Install button.


  • You should be able to see the installation percentage with progress bar. It checks for some pre-install requirements like RAM size, graphic card compatabilities etc.
  • If everything seems good, actual installation of the applications starts. Wait for 2-3 minutes to finish it. You should able to see the below window.


  • After everything is done, click on the finish button. Now you’ve successfully installed bluestacks application in your windows machine. Launch the application now.


  • Choose the language in which you want to operate Bluestacks (Preferably English US) and click on the triangle box as shown in the below image.


  • We can link it to our existing gmail account. Enter your gmail account details and click on the triangle button below to sign in. Accept the terms of service and privacy policy by clicking on OK button.
  • In the next step you can enable some services from Google like back up and restore. Also we can allow GPS access to the application.


  • After choosing the next step, you’ll prompted to select the device name. Enter your first name and last name as device and then proceed.
  • You are done with installation process. You’ll get below window after completion of everything.


As mentioned at the starting of the post, we can get all the categories of apps like Recently played apps, Trending apps, Top apps, Social & Communication apps, Action & Adventure apps, Audio & Video apps, Books & News apps, Brain teasers, Kids apps, Racing apps, Sports games, Casual & Comic apps and productivity apps like Google photos, PicsArt photo studio and Photo editor etc. You can choose from this huge collection of applications.

Counterpart, Online version of BlueStacks also can be installed in the same manner as we did in case of Offline version. The major difference is we need to have proper internet connection while installing the online version.

Installation of Apps in BlueStacks :

App installation in BlueStacks also can be done in 2 ways. One is online install method and the other one is offline installation.

    1.    Offline installation of Apps in BlueStacks : 

For the offline installation method, we need to download apps apk file from the internet, right click on the apk file and you can see open with bluestacks option. Just select that and install.

    2.    Online installation of Apps in BlueStacks:

We can find a orange coloured search box on top the BlueStacks application. Just click on it and search for the application to be installed just like we used to do in Google Playstore.

Refer to below for the same


Suppose we have chosen Candy Crush to install. Type the same in search bar and you’ll get suggestion. Choose the correct app name and click on it to install.


You can find all the installed apps under All Apps section. Double click on the app to use that.

and Boom! You are using your favourite android game or a trending app is on your PC.


In the similar manner you can install and use any application of your wish.

This is all about Download BlueStacks for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC. We will also let you know what are the possible errors you may encounter while downloading or installing BlueStacks for windows.

Update:: Bluestacks recently came up with its gaming version, Bluestacks3, where you can play games more flexibly than that of Bluestacks App player version. Below is the link for Bluestack 3 features, download and installation procedure.

Bluestacks Gaming Platform Features, Download and Installation

Fixes for Possible Errors:

Graphic Card Error: You need to have updated Graphic card version to install Bluestacks. If not, Go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Select Device Manager under Devices and Printers section -> Display Adapter -> Double Click on the graphic card you have -> Go to drivers and click on Update driver option.

If you get any other errors, feel free to share that in comment box. We will provide a solution for that.


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