Google Triangle App : To Control Mobile Apps Data Usage

Google, the largest tech giant recently tried out a new app called Triangle : More Mobile Data in Philippines. Google Developers are concerned about solving the real life problems and rolled out applications like Google Duo and Google Allo recently. These applications are doing pretty well.

Data is not available at low cost especially in the countries like India, South Asian countries etc. If you are a smart phone user who loves to try all the mobile apps, then data will be the big issue. Google’s Triangle App allows you to maintain the data usage by your mobile apps and restrict data usage in the background. As of now they have rolled out in Philippines only and soon they will be expanding it to rest of the world.


Google Triangle App Features:

triangle features

Following are some of the features available for all the users.

  • Intelligence report of data usage by Applications
  • Restrict unwanted data usage by ‘Data Saver’ option

Some of the features are available only for Global and Prepaid data users. Here are such features.

  • Check mobile data balance
  • Get extra data by using apps you love
  • Try out new apps and get data rewards


As shown in the above picture, Triangle app has simple interface and easy to use. We can check the Data balance available just by clicking on that ‘Check Data Balance‘ option. It will show the available mobile data and triangle rewards as well.

Recently most of the mobile phones and specially Oxygen OS already has features to set restrictions on mobile data usage. But the Google’s Triangle one is easy use and comfortable with simple interface. Triangle is also has a setting that allows you to set data usage by a a particular app for a certain time period.Like if you want messaging app WhatsApp to use mobile data for one hour, you can set time limit against that app and after the particular time period it will restrict the data usage by WhatsApp.


We can even get extra data reward points on installing some specific apps. This is like promoting some sort of apps which leads to fill your data balance. You can get only few MBs of data. If you are the one who uses limited data just for browsing, then this option will cuts your data recharge cost.


How to Install Google’s Triangle App:

As we mentioned earlier, Triangle’s beta version is released only in Philippines. It is still under testing phase. If you are located in Philippines, you can download the app from Google Playstore and can install. Here is the link to Triangle in Playstore.  As soon as you complete the registration process once you installed, you will get 100 MB instant data pack for free as the joining bonus. For installation and usage, you should be a resident of Philippines for now. If you are not, then it will throw an error saying ‘This app is not available in your country’

Triangle application is even available on apkmirror. You can download the apk file from ApkMirror website.

Triangle app rolled out very recently and it has already got some good rating and reviews in playstore. It’s current version is Triangle 0.7.1 and it has 5,000-10,000 installs in playstore with 4.5 rating.


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