DiskDigger App – to Recover Deleted Photos on Android

Photos helps us to rediscover our cherished and unforgettable moments. You can explore your memories by looking at your photos after long duration. We generally keep our photos safe and we’ll take regular backups as well. But still, if you have deleted any of your photos by mistake and you don’t have a backup for those, you need not worry in such case. There are ways we can recover deleted photos in android. In this article, we will let you know how to recover your deleted photos in android.

If you are a Apple iPhone user, then it’s relatively easy for your to recover photos in iOS8. There is an option called ‘Recently Deleted’ in iOS8 iPhone which makes your task simple. When it comes to android, you can recover deleted pictures if you enabled Backup option in Google Photos.

Recovering Photos using Google Photos:

Google Photos is a cloud platform that stores all your pictures. All your photos taken from your phone camera, WhatsApp images or any other shared images will be taken backup if you enable Backup in Google Photos.

Here is how you can Enable Auto Backup option:

  • Open Google Images Application in your smart phone.
  • You will be able to see there horizontal bars in the left side pane. Click on that to get the option to change settings as shown in the image below.

Google Photos backup

  • Select Backup and sync option as shown in the image and enable ‘Backup‘ button. All your images will be taken backup at regular interval when connected to the internet. You can even choose what to take backup (Only photos or other media files as well) and when to take backup (When you are on mobile data or WiFi)

You can even choose the backup picture quality also. If the default Google Photos drive space is not sufficient for you, then you can buy more storage.

This way, If you have enabled Backup option, then you can directly download your photos from Google Photos application. If you haven’t enabled that option, still there are ways to get back your photos. You need to install a third party application called DiskDigger in your mobile.

Photos Recovery using DiskDigger:

DiskDigger is an awesome photo recovery application that scans through all the internal and external memories and lists down the deleted pictures. It gives an option to send these recovered pictures to your Google Drive or Dropbox or even it can send photos through a mail.

Your device should be rooted to perform a full scan and recover all the deleted photos. If your device is not rooted, then it will perform limited scan by searching through cache files and thumbnails. So root your device to avail complete functionalities of DiskDigger.

Here is the procedure for installing and using DiskDigger:

  • Once the installation is completed, open the DiskDigger app in your mobile.

Disk Digger Photo Recovery

  • As mentioned earlier, if your device is rooted then Full scan option will be enabled else choose Basic Scan option.
  • After you click on Basic / Full scan if will scan through the internal and external memories and finally comes up with the list of deleted photos. Choose whatever the pictures you want to recover and then click on ‘Recover‘ option as shown in the above image (second picture).
  • After choosing Recover option, it will ask where to save the recovered photos. You can choose Saving to Google Drive or getting them through mail or saving in your local space.

As simple as that. It won’t take much time for scanning and saving also. DiskDigger is developed by Defiant technologies and it has very good rating (4.1/5) in playstore with 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 installations as per Playstore data.


This is the brief article about recovering your photos on android mobile. If you face any issues while installing or using DiskDigger, let us know through your comments. We will be happy to help you! Cheers!!

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