About Us

About Us:

HashTagQA website is running and maintaining by it’s founder Hareesh Vemasani, An Engineer graduated from IIIT. My interest in Computers and the internet has made me to start this blog. I have knowledge various fields in technology and always strive to share the best of what I know. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Quora.

You can reach out to me at : hareeshv@hashtagqa.com


Apart from Hareesh, there are some people in support team who gives on demand support to HashTagQA. We, the whole team of HashTagQA try out best to give the technology updates, Internet tricks and software tips to our viewers.


About HashTagQA:

HashTagQA is a web blog which covers wide range of articles on tips and tricks on various tools and technologies. Our main motive is to educate people on new trends of technologies. We mainly touch topics on Gadgets, Technology updates, OS tips and software tips and tricks.

If you have any queries/suggestions, reach out to us at wecare@hashtagqa.com or refer to the Contact Us Page for more details. Keep vising the blog.